har·vest /härvəst/ verb  to gather (a crop) as a harvest; to obtain (a resource) for future use.

har·vest /härvəst/ verb  to gather (a crop) as a harvest; to obtain (a resource) for future use.

HARVEST:  You’ve planted and nurtured your seeds for some time and now you’re ready to harvest your financial field.  Excited about the results of your efforts,  you hope you're pulling the right financial fruits and not harvesting too soon.  Will you and your family be well fed for years to come?  We can help you analyze your efforts and prepare to make the most of and enjoy the fruits of your harvest.

Retirement Income Plan Are you feeling confident about your retirement?  Perhaps you have saved, but you’re asking yourself, “How do I make my money last?”  We can help. Our objective for you is to generate income while understanding the need to maintain growth in your assets for the long term. We seek to capitalize on the ups and downs of the market with our Investment Philosophy. We help you plan for the unexpected through the use of insurance based products.  No one can predict the future, so planning for maximum flexibility is crucial. For instance, what if you have to go into a nursing home?  To ensure that you are protected, we examine these options with you, too.

Employer Retirement Plan (401(k) or 403(b)) You’ve worked hard and saved your money for retirement. Your Employer Retirement plan, 401(k) or 403(b), plays a big role in your retirement plan.  We can offer personalized advice to help you manage and make the most of your retirement savings before your retire and after your retirement.  Let us help you by reviewing the options available to you.

Legacy/Estate Planning (Wills and Trusts) Life is uncertain at any age and you are concerned about the financial future of your spouse, children, and grandchildren. Have you created a will or trust?  Are your assets protected from taxation?  Consulting with an attorney to draft or update a will or trust, can be a crucial step in ensuring your wishes are carried out and family is protected. Whether we’re consulting with your attorney or if we need to provide a referral, we want to make sure your financial interests are protected.

Social Security Strategies - Without doubt, Social Security will play a significant role in retirement income planning.  However, we've found many married couples, widowed, and divorced individuals are making misinformed elections when it comes to filing for their Social Security and end up leaving money on the table.  Why?  They haven’t consulted a professional versed in the many Social Security claiming elections to get to get the most income from Social Security. The good news? There are strategies that can potentially maximize your Social Security retirement benefits.  Smarter election choices can result in thousands of dollars of additional lifetime income and survivor benefits.  With healthcare costs going up and living expenses exploding, the hunt for more income is on! We’ve worked with many people to help them with the complex process of making their Social Security election.

Protection Planning- While protecting your income is about protecting your future, it is also about protecting your loved ones.  You want your spouse and children financially cared for now and in the future. You want your assets protected because you’ve invested your time and money in them. Implementing and regularly reviewing a protection plan, such as life Insurance, property insurances, and long term care insurance is both sensible and necessary.

Your retirement is our full time job. 

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