If you’re like most retirement savers, you know the market can feel like a rollercoaster at times. You’re caught in the middle. Do you chase returns or invest conservatively and potentially miss out on rising markets? You probably share the same concerns we hear on a regular basis:

  • You want to balance risk while investing for returns
  • You want a strategy to navigate markets, whether “bear” or “bull”
  • You want to feel confident about your future and your retirement

Concerns like these coupled with today’s busy lifestyle led us to develop the Advance and Preserve process. With traditional investing, many investors subscribe to a “buy and hold” investing strategy. They ride through down markets and take comfort in their investments performing well over the long run. As you have seen, the long run gets shorter every year, and retirement is here before we know it. Counting on the long run can leave you feeling insecure about your future.

Advance and Preserve uses a sophisticated set of management tools that identify Offensive and Defensive signals

to guide your position in the market.

Combining these tools with our years of experience and network of resources can potentially give

you a higher level of confidence that your investment plan is on track.

Uncovering opportunity takes an active approach, and there are opportunities even in the worst of times. To ensure your portfolio stays strong, we have crafted an active alternative to buy and hold. No matter what the economy is doing, our “Advance and Preserve” investment strategy* helps your portfolio seek out new opportunities. Here’s how it works:

Advance: First, we identify trends in the marketplace to position your investments either Offensively or Defensively. Next, we rank the asset classes and sectors (e.g., utility stocks, large companies) for the greatest potential to outperform against the market as a whole. Imagine these assets as “top seeds” in a sports tournament, or people who graduate in the top of their class. There’s an excellent chance they outperform all the others. Advance and Preserve helps your investments to be “first draft picks” and cum laude graduates.

Preserve: In sports, offense scores points, but defense wins championships. Many people focus on the strategies to play offense, but when markets are volatile, you need a system to play good defense and protect your retirement nest egg.

We believe this approach is the best way to manage risk and maintain confidence in your investments even through downturns in the market. If this peace of mind sounds good to you, then it’s time to talk with The Retirement Pros and find out how we can help you. You’ll get advice you can feel good about and have a firmer grip on your future.  

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